About Me


Facts About Lacey

    • I was born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    • I started photography full-time in 2013, but have been shooting portraiture for a decade.
    • I’ve traveled to 18 countries and 23 states.
    • I was married in Iceland in 2016, and my husband and I have been together for nearly 9 years. Getting married there was a total DREAM COME TRUE!
    • My husband Kyle and I are raising our two beautiful nieces Samantha and Katarina and it’s been quite an adventure.
    • I went to school for Environmental Science & Journalism and learned photography while working at the school paper.
    • I LOVE animals and currently have fostered over 75 dogs, cats and other miscellaneous furry, scaly and feathered creatures. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 foster cat, 1 foster dog and a spunky guinea pig at this time.
    • I was born in 1984, and my very first camera was a hand-me-down Kodak Brownie which was made in 1954, the year my dad was born!
    • I am a total goal-setter constantly writing down my goals and making mini steps to achieve them. Never stop checking the goals off and making new ones!
    • I sang Little Mermaid’s “Part Of Your World” in front of former president Gerald Ford. I was 8, so I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal.
    • I’m always Toadette in Mario-kart.
    • If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d probably go back into science!
  • Simple pleasures include: Warm sheets fresh out the dryer, anything with mango in it, Netflix binges, swimming (anytime and anywhere), Iced Tea (the unsweetened kind) and fresh linen wax melts.

Meetings and consults are by appointment only. Please contact me at

INFO@LACEYMCARROLL.COM so we can set up a consult at MY STUDIO OR HOME.