Couples/Engagements Tips and Trends


Your couple/engagement session is the perfect way to show off your love and commitment to one another. For years, I have photographed couples ‘just because’ sessions, engagement announcements and anniversary sessions.

Here is a little guide on how to prepare for your session:

Go Pro!

Makeup Artist: Lorena Cuellar

I do not include Hair & Makeup as part of my couples/engagement packages however they can be added on to your package. If you are getting married, using your engagement session as a makeup trial is common and recommended, after your trial, the stylist can take down your hair and curl it, and/or switch out your lip color for a slightly different look from your nuptials. You are free to use your own makeup artist or buy the add-on for one of my approved professional hair and makeup teams for your session. Even if you aren’t into heavy makeup, an all-natural look will still highlight you where you need to be highlighted and accentuate your best features.

Get Polished!

Polish any rings you have worn and metal jewelry so it isn’t tarnished. It makes a HUGE difference! I recently shot a 10-year anniversary session and with a free ring polish from their local jeweler, their rings looked brand new!

Be Yourselves!

I want you to laugh, I want you to giggle and be silly if that is who you are.

I want to share sweet intimate moments between the two of you so your love shows through in your photos.

What To Wear:

This subject can be… for lack of a better word; Subjective! Everyone has their own unique style, everyone has shapes and colors that look better on them than others. That being said I am here to help guide you into looking your absolute BEST in front of the camera. After years of taking photos, there are some outfits and colors and styles that simply do not work in front of the camera and some that always do.

If you are like me, you’re a jeans & t-shirt kind of gal, and that’s TOTALLY ok. Most of my couples sessions feature 2 outfits or more so going casual for one or more outfits is fine! BUT, (and this is a big but) do not do ‘frumpy casual’! Wrinkled shirts, sloppy ill-fitting jeans… these are not photoshoot friendly. You can dress up jeans and a t-shirt with nice shoes, jackets, and accessories. Accessorizing creates a multi-dimensional more “put-together” photo of yourself. If you go casual, think ‘Would I wear this to an office job and look appropriate?’ If the answer is No, maybe rethink the outfit or feel free to email or text me your outfit for my input! I love to help!

Go glam! Since I AM a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, I tend to go a little more glitzy when I’m in front of the camera. I think it’s a fun excuse to play dress up and let’s face it… dresses photograph SO WELL! Here is a fun example of a more formal shoot outfit. Right now, maxi dresses are IN IN IN! They are amazing to photograph and you can dress them up or down with accessories, that’s what I love most about them. What would you pair with a floral maxi? I’m totally partial to boots and a sun hat!


If you’re not sure what style you want to do, more casual or more dressy, you can accomplish BOTH by wearing your more casual outfit first and switching off to your more dressy style in the evening as sunset approaches. If you plan on bringing 2 outfits, just let me know so we can allow a little extra time for an outfit change!


No matter what your shape, height or size, you can rock most trends if you pair it with the right accessories and find the right shape for you! Being a short, plus-sized woman, I hated maxi dresses on myself until I found one on ASOS I had to try… it TOTALLY works for me and I wear it out all the time and get compliments often!


Keep Your Surroundings In Mind When Choosing An Outfit

So you’ve booked your session and now we have to figure out where you want to do your session. Whether it’s a downtown, urban vibe with coffee shops, rooftops, and city streets or in a flowering field, mountain top, redwood forest or sandy beach you should always take into account the weather and your surroundings. When in doubt message me with any questions.



(seriously… don’t… just…don’t!)

Matchy/Matchy Outfits

You’ve seen them. Couples and Families on the beach with button up white t-shirts and jeans… In what scenario besides a photoshoot would you and your spouse dress alike? I’m hoping your answer includes the words ‘Never, Halloween or Dare’ in it. Ok, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but if you want your photos to be all about you (and hopefully you’ve hired me after seeing my work and see I’m totally into capturing your connection) then dressing alike is just a big HUGE no-no. Not only does it date your photo (as this was a big trend between 1997-2005) it really distracts from the overall feel of your connection. Coordinating your styles and wearing complimentary colors are where it’s at right now


Neon clothing can super cool. But it is really unpleasant to photograph! It bounces whatever color your wearing onto your face and can mess with a digital cameras focus. It also can really distract from the most important thing in this session YOUR FACES!

Girls: Don’t Forget Your Nails

Guys: Don’t Forget To Trim Your Beards!

A big don’t is chipped nails or nails that are not complimentary to your outfit. I’d rather see no nail polish than chipped or a nail color that doesn’t coordinate with your clothing. In a pinch I recommend clear polish or a french tip, they go with everything. Nude and dark nail polish is trending right now and goes with most outfits too. Guys; your facial hair is super important. If you have facial hair, please start shaping & trimming it a few days before the shoot, that way on the morning of you will only have to do some quick maintenance and by then you’ll have the shape you’re going for.


Listen up. This is going to be an awesome session! Whether it’s your engagement session, anniversary session or ‘just because’ the most important thing to remember is your photoshoot should be all about you, and your connection to one another. Just be yourselves. Relax and lets make the most out of our day together!



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