My Editing Process

My goal for all of my clients is to put forth the very best YOU in the images we create together. My editing style reflects my experience with natural and studio lighting through the camera and my years of editing knowledge while maintaining the integrity of whats happening in the image. This post is to show you a little taste of not only my editing process but a little behind the scenes look at how I create an image through my lens, and what my experience can offer.

The image above, shows off one of my favorite wedding couples. If you hover over the image with your mouse, you can see the raw photo. Here, I had the sun going down rapidly and I wanted to capture the last hint of sunlight before the party commenced. The day was bright and full of sunshine, with a pink, orange sky on the horizon.  My edit reflected the gorgeous fall colors and warm weather Northern California is lucky to get in October.

In this image above, features an image for a magazine submission. I removed the tattoo as it did not coincide with the theme of the publication. I filled in the highlights, smoothed any unwanted creases in her dress, smoothed her skin and adjusted the colors of the overall photo.


The images above shows my process and troubleshooting techniques while on location. I strive to make the most out of my sessions so extreme editing is not needed. When we saw this gorgeous patch of California Poppies we HAD to capture them. The only issue was the sun was still high, and I could not access any other area with a thicket of trees on my left and a river to my right, the only option with the best scenery was where I was standing. But the lighting was NOT ideal. You can see in the top image the harsh light and severe shadowing on her face. (Both of these images are unedited/straight from my camera). To counteract the lighting issues I placed a medium reflector to the left of me to reflect the sunlight onto the back and side of the model and used my amazing Canon 600ex-rt speedlite at a low setting to fill in any delineation between the two light sources. 


Hover over these images to see the original unedited image:

Here I brightened the image, edited away blemishes and increased the green color on the backdrop.

In this image above, I actually swapped out the image of the little girl with another image of her smiling. With families and groups of people, occasionally a head or body swap in necessary to create the perfect image of everyone.

In this image above I brightened the exposure, created a dreamy color gradient, fixed blemishes and corrected a false eyelash.


I hope you enjoyed this little preview into what kind of care and experience goes into each and every photoshoot I offer. If you have any questions please feel free to message me at



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