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Pearl Look Modeling Agency Candytopia San Francisco Photo Shoot

When Look Model Agency contacted me to work with one of their “New Faces”  and sent me a photo of Pearl I jumped at the chance and immediately had her in mind for a specialized shoot in San Francisco. I had already done similar shoots for Fashion Forward Teens at the Museum of Ice Cream and the Color Factory, and now that Candytopia was coming to San Francisco for a limited time, I knew I had to get this shoot together quickly.

I started putting together three looks that were both editorial enough for a magazine but could travel well from Sacramento but still fit in with the theme of the day.  For the first look I went for a modern Willy Wonka vibe and we decided to shoot downtown on Market Street near the museum and in the studio.  The look was simple but impactful, a perfect start for her portfolio development.  Afterward, my team and I got her into a more editorial look for inside the Candytopia Museum.  We wanted something that would stand out and work with all the different colored & themed rooms available.  Working with a professional hair & makeup artists like Sara Garcia and hairstylist Heather Grabin, we were able to put together three looks that were totally different throughout the day. Shooting inside Candytopia was a great experience, we didn’t know what to expect as it had only been open a few days and each room was a totally different theme. We went from neon lights and mirrors to jellybean portraits and ended in a pool of marshmallows!  After our adventure in Candytopia we headed back out to downtown San Francisco Fashion District for the final shoot where she was completely transformed from alien queen to city girl. Heather knocked it out of the park by completely transforming Pearls hair and giving her a faux hawk. And Sara picked up beautiful tones that complimented Pearl’s eyes! We paired that with a denim jacket and some fun colors and stripes to tie in the other two previous looks.  Scouting spots in San Francisco is always fun, because I was lucky enough to grow up in this beautiful city.  From rooftops & alleyways to fun and funky temporary museums I want my clientele to utilize and experience the city to its full potential.

Happy to report that this photo shoot got picked up by Dreamingless Magazine UK check out the bottom of this post for the tearsheets.


If you’re looking to become a signed model, or your agency needs more for your portfolio, check out my Portfolio Development Package in my headshot guide for models! Pearl now resides in Paris and is working as a model ooh la la!

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