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Branding Photoshoot | San Francisco & Sacramento

I was excited when wardrobe stylist Sneha Droppa contacted me about a Branding Shoot for the launch of her new styling business Channel Bay. She had a photography branding vision for her business and the images she wanted to help her new brand market itself to potential clients. I’ve worked with Bloggers, Influencers, Vloggers and Local Entrepreneurs to bring a face to their brands and allow their client-base to see the personality behind the business.

We shot in two cities — San Francisco & Sacramento — to create a quality vision for her brand. From rooftops to luxury shops to the golden gate bridge, Sneha’s vision for her brand is global. By the way, she hails from England, her husband is from New York and now they live in California! That’s pretty global if you ask me! Once she gave me a little background, I ran with it, and knew of some great locations to accomplish all that she wanted!

San Francisco Images:

Hair provided by Heather Grabin Hair

Makeup provided by Makeup By Mitasha

Why Should You Hire A Professional For Your Photography Branding?

Many underestimate the power of a good image. Having professional & consistent images custom to your business shows a personal investment in your brand. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes gloss over the minutiae and look at the big picture. We are natural problem-solvers and ‘do-everything-yourself’-ers. Those skills helped launch your business, but the reality is we can’t do EVERYTHING! Hiring a professional photographer when your business is ready is the smartest move you can make.

“I’ll just use Stock Photos.”

As a former marketing director, I have used MANY stock photos in my lifetime, and there is a definite place for them in your workflow. I’ve even shot stock images and they are used in ads to this day. But the mark of a brand that believes in itself is personalization. Having custom styled brand photography and headshots ensures you stand out from the crowd. Nothing is worse than searching high and low for stock photos that match your brand just to find out everyone in your industry is using the same or similar ones.

If You Invest In Quality Photography, You Will Be Taken Seriously!

The quickest way to solidify your brand is investing in quality creatives. From a professional logo, a solid website and of course high-quality images from a professional photographer. Professionals know the composition, lighting, styling, and location needed to present your brand visually so your desired client-base will make their decisions quickly on who to choose in your industry. Humans are visual creatures, and they will trust your business if you present a quality product or experience.

Channel Bay Sneha Droppa Cathedral Square Sacramento

Wardrobe and style can bring a sense of confidence to a brand that draws in customers.

Channel Bay branding shoot Downtown Sacramento Sneha Droppa Channel Bay wardrobe stylist shoot Sneha Droppa headshots Sneha Droppa Cathedral Square Sacramento

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