Sacramento Summer Pool Photoshoot

Setting up a pool photoshoot isn’t as simple as one, two, three!!

Let’s break down the first two shots on this blog post to show the preparation to get the perfect shot.

These images were shot outdoors. I had the intention of using direct sunlight, however, that didn’t happen since the weather is unpredictable. We shot at several locations, including in my studio and downtown Sacramento beforehand. By the time we were ready to start the pool photoshoot, it was in a shadow. I went into problem-solving mode: I used one of my AlienBees and a large reflector for fill light.  After applying the reflector, hair & makeup artist Lamira Herrera fixed Chrissy’s hair in place to ensure the perfect shot. I climbed up on a ladder and used my 50mm lens for a good, clean beauty shot. Editing entailed a combination of high-frequency separation and spot healing to even out and polish the skin tones.

Suprise! This entire setup was shot in this kiddie pool I purchased on Amazon! I added a dark blue fabric to make the water my desired color.

Pro-Tip Time: Fill the water earlier in the day, and let it sit in the sun for an hour and the model won’t freeze during the photoshoot.

Photography takes work, creativity, and forethought.  I’m so happy with how this came out and I love Lamira Herrera & Chrissy for their talents. If you’re looking for a photo shoot in Sacramento this Summer or Fall CONTACT ME to set up a session.

Check out the rest of this fun set that we did poolside AND throughout downtown Sacramento!

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