What To Bring To Your Fashion Consult

One of my biggest passions outside of photography is FASHION! I absolutely love styling my clients for their photoshoots. It brings a whole new element to my work that completely fulfills me. Seeing my clients look their best and feel their best is my ultimate goal. If you have opted for a package that includes a fashion consult, take a look at this blog post so you can see exactly; what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect during your consultation. 

Sacramento Fashion Stylist Wardrobe of Photographer

Here is just a sneak peek of the famed LMC style closet.

Ideally, your consult will be scheduled approximately a month before your photoshoot. This way you have time to find anything you might need or want for your photos. The fashion consultation lasts about an hour. This time is used to help us lock in the exact direction you want for your photoshoot to go. The LMC style closet is located here at my studio in Sacramento, CA. I have an array of items ranging from;  Tween sizes 8-14; Juniors sizing XS-XL; Women’s sizing from 00 to 24 and up. (Please email me if you feel you will need extended sizing as I can have those items on hand for your consult)


You may come in and have something in mind that you want to wear for your portrait session. If that is the case, please make a Pinterest Board, prior to your consultation and email that to me so I can have some items ready I think you’ll like. However, you also may have no idea and need my guidance completely, and that’s OK. That is what I’m here for! Your fashion consult is the time when we can hone in on the exact looks you are hoping to achieve. For instance, if you’re going for that glam look, urban and edgy, lifestyle and relaxed, or something totally different we will make sure you feel and look your best. 



You should absolutely bring the following to your fashion consult:

-Several Bras including strapless

-Tank Top

-Dance Shorts/Biker Shorts

-Favorite Outfit or Clothing Items

-Slip-on shoes

These items allow for not only quick changes but also we can troubleshoot potential outfits easily with these items.

What you should and shouldn’t wear to the fashion consult:


Please do not wear any makeup to your fashion consult as you will be trying on lots of couture clothing. 

-Seamless Underwear

-Clothing that is easy to change into and out of (ex: jeans, t-shirt, slip-on shoes) nothing fancy needed! 


Once we try on enough outfits and mix-in items that you have brought from home, we will sit down and select the number of outfits you will wear for your photo shoot based on the package you preselected. With each outfit you try on, I snap a quick photo on my cellphone so we can compare them all afterward. 

When we are finished, I send off those images to my amazing Hair & Makeup collaborators so they can start thinking up some gorgeous hair and makeup looks based on the looks you chose! From there if you have any additional purchases you need to make to complete the outfit, now is the time and we will see you on the day of your shoot with your outfits ready and waiting! 




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